This month we have a guest post from Phoebe, aged 11:

Conwy CastleIn north Wales there is an old, rugged and big castle called Conwy Castle. At the castle there is a free quiz book in English and Welsh, which you open up to find a map. There are eight  towers and one of them is called the Prison Tower.

When you have finished the quiz, and you have looked around the castle, return to the entrance. Go to the till and give your quiz book to the man or lady who will give you a badge even if you got some answers wrong.

At the front of the castle is a grassy area, with a gorgeous view of the beach and a moat where the old, colourful boats are, where you can have a nice picnic.

The staff at Conwy label everything so that people don’t get confused with where they are going. The best part of the castle is the Prison Tower because you can imagine what it was like in medieval times.

I think the amount of time you should spend there is about 3 hours, because it gives you time to look around, have your picnic, have time to do the quiz and have a look in the gift shop. I think children and adults will both like it because it is interesting history and fun to look around.