There is nothing quite like a traditional English breakfast.  Whether you’re about to go to work, shopping, sightseeing or just enjoying time with family or friends, it can set you up for the day ahead.  In Birmingham, one of the best places to enjoy breakfast is definitely the Victorian Restaurant, situated in the Great Western Arcade.  Upstairs, you will find a traditional café decorated with loads of Victorian memorabilia and designs, and a no-nonsense breakfast menu, whether you want a full English, Continental, cereal or their delicious hot buttered toast.  The surroundings are pleasant, the staff are friendly, service is generally pretty fast unless they are absolutely packed to the rafters, and prices are reasonable.  Above all, the quality of the food is consistently high and it is an ideal start to your day in the city, whatever you are planning to do.

Adding to the appeal is the location – the Great Western Arcade is one of Birmingham’s most delightful shopping areas, looking almost exactly the same as it did when it was opened well over a hundred years ago.  It’s a real step back into a bygone age, where you can find a number of very interesting independent shops and businesses before or after your breakfast at the Victorian.